Inca Gold

Most of the times I don’t party too much and mostly stays at home even on the weekend, but here is this colleague of mine, who was so obsessed of taking me to his cousin’s marriage so I went him as he was insisting too much. And the same happened that I was afraid of when I get there. I had my drink and sat down in a corner waiting to go home, I was getting so bored that I went out from there to get some fresh air. And start listening to music on my android phone and when I came and asked him to get back home, he clearly denied, I was all stuck there.

After thinking for some time I got the idea on how the kill the boring time and utilize it pretty well, so again I pulled my mobile out of my pockets and start looking for new slot games to play and I get to know that there is this game getting popular with a rapid rate called the “inca gold” so installed its Australia version in my device and get away with it.

Before proceeding I take out some time to read the instructions, reviews and the ratings of the online pokie and then went for the free play of the game, it’s easy to find as most online casino websites offer you take the free trail of the machine so that you get to know about them and if you are fortunate enough then you can also make some jackpot in your favor. And that’s exactly what I did when I started playing it, after getting good at it I decided to go for the real money play and hit some big progressive jackpots later and earned myself some easy money.