Candle Care: How to Properly Take Care of Home Candles

Candles give a simple but elegant touch to every home, not only from their aromas but also for the cozy light they emit. However, collecting candles can be very expensive. Without the proper use and care, candles are just good for a few uses before one throw them away.

To get the best out of the candles, here are tips on how to burn it properly:

Take extra care on the first burn

For lighting up the first time, make sure to burn the candle until the wax melts across the whole surface up to the sides of the container. This will help the candle to have a longer life and prevent it from tunneling.

Trim the wicks

Measure the wicks and make sure that it is at least about a quarter of an inch. The wicks should also be at this size for the subsequent burns so that the wick will maintain its clean look. Remember to trim the wicks only when the candle wax is cool.

Remove the dirt in the wax pool

Keep the wax pool clean by removing all the wick trimmings or the debris after every use.

Extinguish the light using a snuffer

Never blow out the light on the candle. This will give the wick a bad shape and the pool wax will splatter. Instead, use a snuffer or dip the wick into the melted wax.

Avoid burning the candles all the way down

The flame needs a solid base of wax, and if candles are left burning all the way down, it may heat up the glass jar. Having a broken glass jar may lead to accidents.

Always store the candles in a cool, dark, and dry place to preserve its texture. High-quality ones like astier de villatte candles should also be stored under a glass cloche. Since candles also vary in terms of quality, it is best to always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best out of the candle.

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