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December 5, 2016

Galactic Gopher

If you have encountered any anomaly when you are staring at the sky, like you have just witnessed and UFO, yes that is the unidentified flying object. Well, in my case I have seen something like this many times when I used to be a kid, even my grandpa used to tell me the stories of alien. I really don’t know that he used to make fool of me or he was telling the truth, on the other hand the thing I know is that these stories influenced me a lot and still when anyone talks about the aliens my ears instantly get up.

This relation of mine with the people of outer world, made me play this new slot game called the galactic gopher. It is a 30 pay line slot game created by Microgaming And based on the very theme of the outer people of the galaxy, who are known with the term called Aliens. It got Spaceship Scatter symbols, which is the special symbol spin in during one base game spin and you can get 10 free spins if you go with this.

After play the pokie, I decided to do some digging on it and made a Google search to look on the reviews and ratings of the slot and I found that this particular is pretty popular among the players and so I also made my mind to give it a try. So I arranged the free spins and download the app on my android phone and started enjoying the game. I was doing so great and won some jackpots and after that I thought of playing for the real money, because the real money version gave you better chances to hit the big jackpot in progression and luckily I hit some eventually. Over all It was really a nice experience and mainly because of the theme of the game.